Increase the engagement of your readers with concise information.


Sometimes less is more.

At we know that your readers’ engagement is a key element for your business. However, research suggests that readers do not always finish reading an article. With our state-of-the-art AI-software we create short, yet complete summaries of your content. Serve an audience which has less time.


Extract vital information

With our tools we extract the most important information from your sources. Our AI-powered software makes it possible to rewrite sentences and create an original summary.

Guaranteed completeness

Our carefully in-house developed algorithm makes sure nothing important gets left out. Don’t worry, everything’s there.

Increase reader engagement

Our software creates small summaries of your content automatically. Optimize your audience engagement with short and to-the-point news in one continuous feed.

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With carefully and extensively trained AI models at the core of our software, we guarantee sophisticated output. This means no non-sensical computer generated gibberish, but clear and easy to read summaries.

Multi-language support

With our built-in translator we enable all users worldwide to input the tool with content in their language of choice. Just specifiy your preferred languages and watch the magic unfold. 

Other applications

Summarizing text with AI is at the core of our software. This technology lends itself to be applied to many domains. Therefore, if you think our technology can be applied to your business, please contact us. We love to hear from you and think about a tailored summarizing solution!